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After a quick trip through the Beginner's Roadmap to Kesmai, you're probably leveling and skilling way faster than you could have imagined at Opal speed. Navigating the world of Kesmai can indeed be overwhelming at first, but fear not! Here's a comprehensive overview to guide you through the journey. With so much great content added to the server, getting a feel as to where the best places to go or what is available at what level/skill level may be a little daunting on the way to 30. Once you're in those locations, gearing up to tackle that content is a whole different challenge.

Progression through the Lands

The 5 OG Lands

After Getting to around Level 12 in Kesmai and being able to reach the Oakvael Portal semi safely in -4 Kes, you now have the choice of 4 new lands to venture into and fight in for levels and skill.

A good place for people to go from 12-16 that has easy access to training and vendors to sell gems is the Axe Surface town. The cave system is big enough so that its not overwhelmingly difficult but still challenging enough. When that gets too easy, just make your way up the rope for 2 levels until you reach the Ogre Caves at axe '120. Lockpick Town is on the other side of that level, and gives easy access to trainers and vendors with a bank and lockers. Just down the rope and to the south of Lockpick town are stairs to the Doom Caves which you can sit in until 18+ without any troubles. Grab a silver weapon if you are doing a lot of hunting in the area since rockworms and Kwolf require it.

If Axe Caves aren't your style, the Oak Serp Level is great until you can safely farm at 15-18+ at Oak TT.

And if you like the look and feel of Leng, you have options of running down even Leng Maus at 15+ and then Griff Cliffs or even Leng UD (16+) if you want to stay in Leng. Just remember to bring your Stun/Death Resist items for Leng Maus and Leng UD.

Around Level 14+ you should be able to make the run up through Axe Glacier to the Stairs in Ogre Caves that lead up through the tower to the Underkingdom Portal.

Going down the Levels through UK is another way to get from 15-18+, with -300 where the Troll King resides is another good grinding spot to sit and do ranged damage from the water drop down.

Stormhalter Additions to the OG Lands

Depending on your gear and will to stay alive, there are newly added areas located in Axe, Oak, and Leng to help add a few more places to bridge the gap from the old lands and the new.

Oakvael Heart of the Grove

The entrance is located in the Serpents Lair Level. South of the empty portal area is a set of stairs leading down to the Heart of the Grove.


At the west side of the map are Guardians that frenzy when you kill forest animals next to them. To get to the Eastern side of the Map you need to kill the Spirit Bear behind a hidden door. Once past, be careful as the area has lots of groups that tend to swarm players and can cause you to be overwhelmed quickly. With the right gear and skill, this area is a good source of skill and exp grinding after Doom Caves and Oak TT at 18+.

This is also the location of the quest for the Grove Bow Escort, which gives a slight boost in Damage over the Doom Orc Bow, and is one of the only Silver bows in game.

Axe Undead

Located at the southern part of the Axe Doom Caves is a set of stairs leading down into the Axe UD Necropolis. Its a fairly large jump in difficulty to get from Axe Doom Caves to be able to safely do Axe UD. So tread carefully as always.


Draugr Warriors frenzy when enough are killed next to each other. You also need to be careful of the Concussion casting Giant Troll roaming the area.

Hall of Legends

The Hall of legends is located in Kesmai just south of the broken portal near Ydnac’s lair. Stepping on the red rock tile teleports those that have achieved level 18 inside. Up the stairs is a group of portals that lead to the basic 4 lands of Axe Glacier, Oakvael, Leng, Underkingdom as well as portals to the newer zones of Bloodlands, Blackburrow and Peaks. It also has all the basic necessities of any more advanced town with a banker, vendor, all of the trainers as well as balm/recall/sprig vendors. Stepping on the wooden floor tile teleports you to Kesmai Lockers.

AG and the the 4 Stormhalter Lands

The AG Lands

The 4 AG lands of Annwn, Rift Glacier, Shukumei and Torii are old maps that were never released in LoK but were planned in the Islands of Kesmai release and contained mainly 20+ group content.

Stormhalter Lands

Stormhalter Server has released 4 new lands as well that take players from 18+ to 30. Each land is meant to progress the players gear into the newer content beginning at Bloodlands and moving down the list to Keshma beginning at 24+.


The Bloodlands Gear is droppable in common form by most bosses in the land, with the exception of Blood Rainment and the Blood Necromicon that need to be crafted through Marrow. All gear that is dropped or crafted can be upgraded to Mythic rarity at Marrow by crafting the armor with various gems, vials and bones. Different rarity upgrade items drop off various mobs and bosses in the Bloodlands. Bloodlands weapons will be good until you get your Keshma weapons at 24. Most of the harder bosses in the Bloodlands will require a bloodlands weapon to hurt them.

Blackburrow and Peaks

Blackburrow and Peaks are the next step up from leveling and gearing. Most of the drops consist of items from the armor and ring tabs. Blackburrow and Peaks also have the best leveling area's until you get into Keshma.

Blackburrow item drops scale in rarity. Here you can farm bosses for higher rarity items like Lake Guardian Thussia's Water Walking boots and Notho's Frog Gauntlets that do AOE poison.

Peaks Drops do not scale in rarity, but here you see items like the HP regen Helm and Robe as well as a water walking ring off of Lord Hydr.

Getting to Keshma

To get into Keshma, you need to escort the Blood Princess in Blackburrow. This rewards you with the Frogs Portal ring. This ring gives you access to a purple shortcut to the frog area and then through the frog area to another purple shortcut to the Kesh portal.

Importance of Gear Upgrade Stats

There is an abundance of interesting weapons and Armor in Stormhalter. Especially for thieves and Wizards, it offers you different types of play styles.


Remember, sometimes reckless exploration and experimentation are key to mastering Kesmai. Enjoy the journey and revel in your newfound power as you progress towards level 30!

DR Progression via Armor (As Intended w/o Twinking)

The following section will describe the progression of armor and DR (Defense Rating) through the game as though you were non-twinked / given items you didn't earn yourself.

  • Levels 1-10
    • Leather armor / Plate armor are standard. Plate prevents use of magic. This will be considered useful enough to venture into -3 of kesmai
    • Once you are hunting on -3 (near level 10), you will be able to kill a salamander and skin it to obtain Salamander scales. These provide Fire protection and are key for venturing further.
  • Levels 10 -15
    • At this point you can begin to venture into other lands as you feel comfortable using the Axe portal on -3. Depending on class, Daisy will now be soloable or group killable. Daisy returns dragon scales and will help you significantly improve your DR and provide additional fire resistance above and beyond any found fire resistance rings / amulets or the use of spells
  • Levels 15 - 18
    • You will now be able to group and kill Drake who skins for Drake scales (a major upgrade over dragon scales, providing yet more f/i resistance)
    • At 18, you may, with a large enough group using the right gear, be able to kill Mama and obtain Ice Dragon Scales. These are the peak of Basic Game armor. With these scales and appropriate weapon skill, you should now be able to obtain close to 1500 DR.
  • Level 18 - 24
    • There are a variety of progression methods here, but the most direct / easy is to start with Bloodlands. Carapace Armor is obtained by killing Apep in -300 (obtaining a Morbid Bone, always common from him) and at least 1 BloodVial. Hseponk has also been reported to drop a bone.
      • Improvement beyond basic quality will require hunting in the Elemental Planes and killing one of the many creatures that drop Quality Bones such as Water Dragon, Ethereal Ice Dragon, Ethereal Spider, etc... This content is considered group content and will require a well geared group to tackle at 1500-1900 DR.
    • Once Carapace Armor is obtained and/or upgraded, the next most useful upgrade is to Yin / Yang armors, obtained by skinning. They can be found in Gemini Town of Blackburrow. This area is a no-recall area and requires a group. These armors skin in various qualities and are comparable to Carapace Armor, but with special features of Elemental Resistance or Poison Resistance.
    • With these armors in hand, competent adventures can now venture out to AG or Peaks for improvements beyond Blackburrow or Bloodlands
      • AG has Thisson scales, obtained via skinning. Thisson scales provide elemental resistance and improve DR to 1900+
      • Peaks has Lightning Dragon Scales. Lightning Dragon scales provide innate lightning resistance, but no elemental resistances. Scales can be obtained via skinning. Lightning Dragon scales provide 50 more DR than Yin/Yang armors at the same quality level. Again, use of this armor should put you close to 1900 DR with appropriate skill
    • Level 24
      • Keshma Armor - Increases your DR to approximately 2100-2300 at base level depending on character type / armor chosen, improving with quality
      • Paladin Armor