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Nestled deep in the mountains of Axe Glacier lies a small village of mountain dwellers living on the outskirts of an old abandoned mountain fortress. At least it was thought to be abandoned until recent guard patrols and adventurers have reported that the fortress is now occupied by a clan of gnolls. The fortress was originally developed as a mine, and some of the finest and largest gold rocks and gemstones were pulled from the depths of the Axe mountains. Legend has it that an ancient Evil was inadvertently uncovered in the depths of the mines that led to the destruction of the mine and deaths of many in the company. The mining company paid top dollar to assemble a team of the strongest adventurers in the land and sent them to seal the Evil back in the deep.

Work in Progress, more to come....

Below are unalter maps of Black Burrow. For details of each region along with annotated maps click map name where available.

BB Town Area

BB Town Area.png

BB -1

BB -1.png

BB -2

BB -2.png

BB -3


BB Thief Dungeon

Black Burrow Thief Dungeon.png

BB Frogs

Black Burrow Frog Town.png


BB Gemini Town

Black Burrow Gemini Town.png

BB 2

Blackburrow 2.png

BB 3

Black Burrow 3.png

BB 4

Black Burrow 4.png

Creature Info

Blackburrow Creature Info