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Axe Glacier, One of the coldest spots in the Known Lands. Just Climbing the mountainside is an adventure. There are many creatures that have adapted well to the colder Climate, and can only be found near the glacier. If you decide to adventure in Axe, make sure to come prepared with some protection from the elements. Without any Cold or F&I protection, just Walking on the Glacier will damage you EVERY round, until you freeze to death. When you first enter the Glacer, You find yourself in Axe Town. Thieves will immediately like the town, due to the fact that there is no Sheriff to take keep law and order, making doing business much easier. The Trainers in Axe Town can train to much higher levels than those of Kesmai town. Silvermoon, the Blacksmith, keeps his secret forge just north of the Wizards hut, and entry is barred by a gate that requires nighttime and a moonstone ring to enter.

Of course, if you are not lawful, I would advise extreme caution in Axe Town. Mother Phyliss, the Priest that watches the Portal area, is very highly skilled in the ways of Martial Arts, and there are several statues positioned around town that can pass out instant death to those who come onto their squares that are not of a Lawful nature. Theives, due to their disguise, can safely pass the Guardian Statues with no fear. Since there is No wandering Sheriff, or any other wandering Law enforcement, sometimes the forces of chaos get bold and walk right into town.

Axe Glacier Surface
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