Lower Glacier

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Lower Glacier and the Giant's Castle
Giant's Castle : Main Floor
Many years ago, the great demon Asmodeus built a huge castle in Axe-Glacier and the entrance to this castle can be found on the 60 foot level. The immense beauty and magical flying buttresses give an unearthly quality to the castle, and even having been built by the great demon lord, it still has something of a graceful beauty. Years after the castle was built, and Asmodeus was banished from the realm, Poraph, the father of giants, claimed the castle as his own. His descendants still rule the land from within the castle. Around the castle are many of his minions, who are skilled with axe, dagger, and hand. Some are even well versed in the magical arts. Within the castle are more of his minions. The entrance to the castle is a one way portal and the person desiring entry must hold an axe in his hand.

To the south of the castle is another cavern structure. Many wolves wander the caverns, along with hobgoblins, wraiths, spectres, ogres, and rockwyrms. Some of the lesser creatures also wander the caverns as well. Deep within the caverns is a stairway that leads to the 80 foot level. The entire east side of the area is an immense glacier, left over from when the river that flowed from the top of the mountain down was instantly frozen by whatever power chose to punish this land.

Few creatures live on the ice itself, though you might find an occasional lizard wandering the area.
2nd Floor of Giant's Castle and Lightning Mesa

The 2nd floor of the giants castle is also located 80 foot above the base of the waterfall. Here, the giant keeps his throne room. On the altar outside the throne room, it is said that the forces of law, in an attempt to provide some balance, cause a special returning hammer to appear here. Other stories suggest that Poraph is a Great Yasnaki Artificer, studying the lawful hammer in-hopes of creating a chaotic one. Within the giant's throne room is the goose that laid the golden egg. The egg has no particular use beyond its visual appeal but is valuable in monetary terms. From the giant's throne room, across the bridge, is a special temple shrine to Asmodeus that is well maintained in the event of the demon's return. Thaumaturges keep the sacrificial flames burning bright and warriors work hard to keep the riffraff from desecrating the temple. Across the gorge from the temple is the lightning mesa. Here is a simple altar and a few chaotic beings that follow the ways of lightning. Be careful if you enter here, for they hit like lightning (hard and fast). To the south of the pass is a smaller set of caves that contain more chaotic cavern dwellers.