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Getting to Keshma for the first time

In order to reach Keshma, you must first obtain the Void Ring from the Blood Princess Vava'Vuun - Keshma Key Quest in Black Burrows. Once you obtain the void ring to reach Keshma (see: How to get to Keshma). Once in Keshma, you must keep your void ring either on your person or in your locker at all times otherwise you will be teleported to the Hall of Legends. It is advised to keep your void ring in your locker because if you die and are looted with it on you, you will not be able to retrieve your death pile since you will be teleported out of Keshma until you either obtain a new void ring or someone retrieves your void ring from your death pile for you.

Returning to Keshma

In order to return to Keshma, you have multiple options.

1. You can use your void ring and walk back. (see: How to get to Keshma)

2. You can use one of the Yellow Recall rings that can be bought in Keshma town to recall back to Keshma.

3. You can craft a portal gem at Vinz. (see: How to craft a Keshma portal gem)

Hunting in Keshma

Once you are in Keshma and have placed your void ring in your locker. You are free to hunt the mobs on the town level (Keshma Surface). In order to hunt mobs in other areas you must use Keshma weapons otherwise you will do "little damage" (0 damage). To obtain Keshma weapons you must first gain access to Hephaestus by reaching level 24. see How to craft Keshma Weapons and Armors. Once you have Keshma Weapons and Armors you can also upgrade them at Hephaestus using Upgrade Gems.

Map of Keshma Surface

Keshma Surface.jpg

Map of Keshma Town


Map of Keshma Lower Valley

Kesh Lower Valley

Map of Keshma Mosslands

Keshma Mosslands.jpg

Map of Keshma Crypts

Keshma Crypts.png

Guide to Keshma Portals

Keshma Portals.jpg