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Client/Server v0.2


  1. It's now possible to look at the ground between actions.
  2. Trainers will now recognize attempts at training the hand skill.
  3. Between actions, item lift is now considered valid to prepare for a drop.
  4. Skeletons no longer have corpses.
  5. Wyverns on Kesmai -1 will no longer flee.
  6. Increased the sound delay between a swing and damage cue.
  7. Lars and Sven will recognize their service counters.
  8. Fizzle sounds will now play properly for spell sequence.
  9. Resolved incorrect sounds playing.
  10. Spellbooks are now properly bound when starting.
  11. Round will unlock after attempting to attack an invalid target.
  12. Ruins will now interrupt movement.
  13. Trainers will now properly critique your progress.
  14. Mana will be properly consumed when failing spells.


  1. Client version verification to notify user of client updates.
  2. [Sandbox] Implement command - setskill {skillName} {0-19}
  3. [Sandbox] Go, Where command - go {x} {y} {regionId}
  4. Tiles naturally covered in darkness until dispelled.
  5. Changed encryption library parameters.

Stormhalter v0.3

  1. Changed compression library for smaller patch generation.
  2. A crash related to Summon Rat.
  3. Summon Rat spell did not properly transfer control to the caster.
  4. Magic skill gain.
  5. Poison cloud and Whirldwind will not pass through closed doors.
  6. Enchant and Venom will persist between server restarts.
  7. Ice/Fire breath have audio cues. Reduced sounds played for similar effects.
  8. Fixed a crash related to damage ticks after Fire/Ice are dispelled.
  9. Shield spell now has the same audio cue as other protection spells.
  10. Icestorm Spell did not place when cast with power level 1.
  11. Protection from Fire/Ice no longer causes an infinite round.
  12. Chant sounds for NPC entities
  13. Dropping item from one container to another, where an item exists, will drop the item to the next free slot.

Stormhalter v0.4

  1. Skills can be critiqued from any distance.
  2. Reduced respawn time and increased random diversity on Kesmai -1.
  3. Reduced respawn time and increased random diversity on Surface.
  4. Caster AI melee attacks and combat messages.
  5. A crash related to area of effect spells.
  6. Jumpkicks will no longer land after suffering a sprain.
  7. Summon rat sound and body perception.
  8. Caster and Ranged AI will maintain distance from an attacker.


  1. Swap command to switch item from occupied hand to a free hand.
  2. Wield command to switch item from the belt to a free hand.
  3. Belt command to switch items from your hand to a free slot.
  4. [Sandbox] Heal command: Raises health, stamina, and mana to max.
  5. Game version will now display on the login screen.

Stormhalter v0.5

  1. Phantoms are properly summoned for spell power 1-5.
  2. Summoned creatures will now respond to move commands (creature, move x x x)
  3. An issue where departing clients were not properly removed from the segment.
  4. Lightning will now properly stun targets.
  5. Trainers will prevent you from logging out on their locations.
  6. Recall rings can not be equipped where exiting is not possible.
  7. Thunderclap from recalls will play properly at the destination.
  8. [Sandbox] Added debug messages for skill gain and combat.


  1. Wizard's Eye for Wizards.
  2. Entities can have colored bodies. Could be used as a mechanic to indicate creature status (enraged, pacified, stunned, etc.).

Stormhalter v0.6

  1. Portals will cause damage when dispelled.
  2. Destroyed walls no longer block LOS.
  3. Swinging or throwing a projectile weapon results in little damage.
  4. Items are positioned randomly when all slots are occupied.
  5. Input will pass through items and container slots as needed.
  6. Spell icon for Stun/Death protection status.
  7. Items could not be equipped into the last portrait slot.
  8. Sounds for summoned Phantom, Djinn, and Efreets.
  9. Limited total summons from Summon Phantasm to 3.
  10. Removed corpses from phantasms.
  11. Thieves no longer have access to Darkness (1).
  12. Skill levels were rounded to integers when critiquing.
  13. Corrected certain item labels.


  1. Prevented exit while feared, stunned, or blind.

Stormhalter v0.7

  1. Reworked poison cloud, it should properly blind and apply poison ticks.
  2. Gems have been marked as a treasure and will not be removed by Disintegrate.
  3. Status effects from equipment will refresh after server restart.
  4. Added a slight delay to death sounds following fatal blow.
  5. Trainers will appropriately tell you when you are below your potential skill.
  6. Trainers will now use your achieved skill for training, not current.
  7. Moving items may not always consume a round, especially in same container.
  8. Moving items within your hands and world will always consume a round.
  9. Container slots will respond to double clicks outside of the item sprite.
  10. Right clicks with an active target will now cancel the target.
  11. Right clicks will cancel any paths with priority over cancelling targets.
  12. Adjusted maximum creatures on Kesmai -1 from 48 to 60.
  13. Followers will be dispelled when reaching a limit.
  14. Cannot summon followers past the intended limit after relogging.
  15. Resolved an issue with Summon Phantasm where spell intensity reset to 1, 5.
  16. Throwable items would clear the round, allowing instant throws.
  17. Fire will burn corpses to a cinder.
  18. Creatures will move onto hexes with portal effects.
  19. Floors will generate properly under walls that are destructible.
  20. Followers will now also respond to "#, (command)" directives.
  21. Added a "release" directive to followers, similar to "begone".
  22. Secret doors will have the appropriate destruction terrain.
  23. Adjusted the intensity/range of Concussion spell.
  24. CasterAI will now melee the target when enough mana is not available.
  25. Additional sprites will be rendered under the player.


  1. Nock/Unnock commands for projectile weapons.
  2. Mana regeneration provided by robes.

Stormhalter v0.8

  1. Server-side and Client-side replay functionality.

Stormhalter v0.9

  1. Crash related to items stacking. Item stacking will always consume a round.
  2. All container panels will reset when rewinding replay.
  3. Exit button to replay frame, returning back to login window.
  4. Interactions with items are only valid if on the same location.
  5. Spell sequence will properly reset only after all fizzle checks are complete.
  6. Venom will now prioritize right -> left -> target when using "cast" command.
  7. Jumpkick will now account for encumbrance.
  8. CasterAI will finish their cast after target moves into melee range.

Stormhalter v0.10

  1. Entities that can fly are not affected by water.
  2. Entities that can swim may drown, but entities that can fly will not.
  3. Spawns were not randomizing properly.
  4. Item descriptions were not properly localized.
  5. Improved CombatAI spell selection, priority, and cooldowns.
  6. Respawns were not triggering properly.
  7. Fixed inclusion/exclusion calculations for spawn areas.
  8. Various LOS/Visibility issues with darkness.
  9. Round lock after emote and action command.
  10. Items may be inspected from a distance <= 1.
  11. Creatures will now regen mana, stamina, and health.
  12. Creatures have learned how to better use blind/fear/stun spell.
  13. Incorrect weapon sound when swinging projectile weapons.


  1. Networking protocol version to allow for future modification without breaking replays.
  2. Message for when spell buffs have worn off from a spell source.
  3. A tailor has relocated to provide armors, scales, and jackets.
  4. Chainmail and Platemail will now block spell casts.

Stormhalter v0.11

  1. Closed doors will have slightly higher priority over walls.
  2. When resurrected, two lowest skills were penalized rather than highest.
  3. Spell effects on the map will not trigger on dead entities.
  4. Blind, Stun, Fear, and Poison will properly reset when resurrected.
  5. Poison Cloud & Whirlwind will now ALWAYS choose the last direction as cast direction.
    • Case: E E S with E E not visible, effectively centered on E with south direction.
    • Case: E E S with E E S not visible, effectively centered on E E with south direction.
    • Case: E E S, effectively centered on E E S with south direction.
  6. Infinite round lock when entity was not available from "fight" command.
  7. Item drag can be initiated from transparent areas of the slot.
  8. An issue where stun messages were not properly communicated.
  9. A targeting by command issue that would not resolve a name target.
  10. Cases where failed "cast" commands would cause round locking. If you come across cases, let me know what command you used.
  11. Beneficial target for mobiles may now be used on the paperdoll button.
  12. Health states updated only when damage was dealt, it will update for health healed.
  13. Resolved regeneration not resetting properly after resurrection.
  14. An issue where BaseDodge provided two instances of benefit, overshadowing other defense sources.
  15. Staircases that worked within the same segment region.

Thanks to Ezeek, DoomIhlVaria, Mesn, and Slyster for reporting some of these issues.

  1. An option to record gameplay in the settings window.
  2. An option to set the client to render fullscreen.
  3. An exit button to the conference window.
  4. Poison Cloud is now semi-transparent.
  5. A "help" command to list out available conference/world commands. Some commands are experimental.
  6. [Sandbox] Gold command: create a specified amount of gold, defaults to 1000 if unspecified.

Stormhalter v0.12

  1. Normal doors will never automatically close, but Secret doors will close after 1 minute.
  2. Pathing on the world map will be cleared only if the map shifts.
  3. Infinite round lock related to an invalid "climb down" command.
  4. Reef is now properly tagged as an obstruction.
  5. An issue where sound did not play when nocking a bow through a command.
  6. An issue where clients were not properly removed from peeked entities.
  7. Players may no longer exit the world while under a trance.

Thanks to Mortezzah and DoomIhlVaria for these reports.

  1. Command aliases for the following actions:
    • F for Fight.
    • D for Down.
    • U for Up.
    • C for Cast.

    Please create an issue if others should be available.

  2. Creatures under control may also be issued move commands without the "move" directive.
    • Example: creature, move E E S
    • Example: creature, E E S
    • Example: creature, E E M    (invalid paths are ignored and must be reissued)
  3. Commands of the form "(target),[ ](directive)" will now be converted to speech. This allows creatures to be controlled through command or speech mode.
  4. A path can be entered in command mode with out the "move" directive.
    • Example: move E E E
    • Example: E E E
    • Example: E E M  (invalid paths are ignored and must be reissued)
  5. The sheriff has driven out the Thief.Merchant and instead hired a powerful conjurer.
    She can be found in the lockers conjuring all types of treasures. The sheriff also confiscated all the thief bags.

Stormhalter v0.13

  1. An issue where treasure in water was always visible and did not update properly.
  2. Blind Resistance ring accidently showed the incorrect icon.
  3. Check the conjurer for additional items that were not yet implemented.
  4. Adjusted starting attributes for classes to match with Lands of Kes.
  5. Summoned Phantoms, Djinns, and Efreets have all had movement adjused to 3.
  6. Fixed: CombatAI was unable to instant cast spells and could be fizzled.


  1. A new directive: "trail", similar to "follow," except entities will stop 1 step short.
  2. Summon Phantasm at intensity 8 will summon Salamanders. They can not be commanded to attack.

Stormhalter v0.14

  1. Mana did not roll correctly after leveling up.
  2. Constitution Potions did not properly increase current constitution.
  3. Bear, Griffin, and Dragon skulls always provide night vision. Winged helms might.
  4. Stormhalter is now properly labelled as 'staff' rather than 'dagger'.
  5. Spell icon for Poison Protection provided by amulets.
  6. CombatAI will no longer stare at combatants in the water.

Thanks to Danlor, Slyster, and dedmist for reporting these issues.

  1. Conjurer will spawn a few additional items for testing purposes.
  2. CombatAI will have aversion to fire and ice spell effects.
  3. The input will change colors during command mode when the round is available.
  4. A new facet has been added, Opal, a gemstone rumored by some to bring bad luck. The round timer in this facet is 1 second, because who wants to still wait 3 seconds to play a game. We're not on 28.8k baud anymore.

Stormhalter v0.15

  1. Spell status panel did not properly display arrows to scroll.
  2. Creatures that can fly will now fly silently over water.
  3. Black Rapier and Hummingbird sword added for testing.
  4. Potentially, an issue related to creatures with gray health indicators showing up.
  5. Rewrote logic for drag/drop of items. Only the world panel requires that input be over the sprite.
  6. Various LOS issues related to darkness and/or corpses (gray health NPCs).
  7. All items with weapon attributes will properly use their flags (blue-glow, etc.)
  8. Cases where non-traditional weapons (gauntlets), were not considered weapons.
  9. Weapons may provide mana regen when held in the right hand (Stormhalter).
  10. When entering the game, the world input will start in command mode.
  11. Certain altars were not tagged properly.
  12. Crash related to spells and non-existant tiles.
  13. Darkness fields that can not be dispelled will work similar to a floor (allows pathing).
  14. Whirlwind will now dispel out fire/poison cloud.
  15. Static fire effects on the map act similarly to spell effects.
  16. Corner walls and pillars near indestructible walls are also indestructible.
  17. Attributes now have inborn min/max, and live max. (You'll have to remake your characters for fixed limits, sorry!)
  18. When strength is a sacrifice to receive resurrection from the Ghods, max strength above 17 is also a sacrifice.

Thanks to Zrikz, Slyster, Danlor, and Mantis for these reports.

  1. CombatAI will now search corpses and loot treasure as they wander.
  2. A free hand is no longer required to "swap" items in your hands.
  3. The enter key will trigger with repetition when held down.
  4. Keyboard input repetition will occur every 50ms (was 100 ms).