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In the game, health is your character's lifeline. Keep it above zero or risk being labeled a poor player. You may also be ridiculed for failing to stay alive and leave the realm with self-pity and anger. Health regeneration allows players to recover lost health points over time, which is vital during and after combat encounters. Without health regeneration, players would be forced to rely solely on healing items or spells to restore their health, which can be restrictive and often deplete resources quickly. It promotes smoother game-play by reducing downtime between battles, allowing players to explore the game world or continue their quest without constantly needing to retreat to safety for healing.

It can occur every round.

Health regeneration is interrupted from certain actions or events.

  • As fighting is brutish, taking damage interrupts regeneration.
  • The world is proven flat, but it's still tough to traverse. Movement interrupts your regeneration.

Health regeneration is stopped when these events occur:

  • Die. (novice.)
  • Disconnect. (rage quit.)

Health regeneration is started when these events occur:

  • Resurrect. (novice.)
  • Connect. (we're sorry you died, thanks for playing.)


Stamina regeneration refuels your character's ability to run, fight, and use abilities. Without it, they'd be as slow as a turtle in a race. So, keep that stamina topped up to stay ahead in the fight!

It can occur every 2 rounds.

Stamina regeneration is interrupted for certain actions or events.

  • You are carrying the corpse of your HEAVY friend (encumbered) and suffer a movement penalty.
  • You sprain your ankle during a jump-kick.

Stamina regeneration is stopped when these events occur:

  • You are hurt.


Picture this: you're wielding spells that could make a dragon blush and powers that make fighters jealous. That's where mana comes in, and it powers your epic deeds. Without it, you're just a warrior with a fancy hat, swinging a stick and hoping for the best. So, keep that mana flowing like a river of stars.

It can occur every 3 rounds.

Mana regeneration is interrupted for certain actions or events.

  • Casting and channeling a spell.
  • Using an instant ability.