NG Upgrade Items

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Blood Vial.png BloodVial You are looking at a vial filled with blood
  • Used in upgrading BloodLands Weapons (DOES NOT upgrade Returning Axe) and when combined with a Bloodlands Scarf Makes the Necromicon
Common Vials drop from various Swordmaster's in BloodLands

Common-Mythic Vials drop from Jormin's, Korfin, and Finrok in BloodLands

Marrow (Item Upgrades NPC/INFO)

Item-00127.png Bone Common Bones from Hseponk

Common-Mythic Bones drop from Ethereal Spider, Ethereal Ice Dragon, and the 'bosses' of each plane (Anubis, Sekmut etc) in BloodLands

Marrow (Item Upgrades NPC/INFO)

Frog Foot.png Toad Foot You are looking at a toad's foot it has been mangled from detachment
  • Used in Upgrading BlackBurrow MA Carapace and Dartanian Bow, Crafted at Thaum NPC where you climb rope in BlackBurrow Town, room with red carpet. When you climb rope sometimes the room is weird color, so go down and back up. "craft carapace"
Common-Mythic feet drop from Froggo and Toaddo in BlackBurrow


Scarf.png Scarf
  • Used to Make Necromicon when turned in at Marrow with Blood Vial
  • Can Combine Scarves up to Artifact Quality (Mythic Quality has to Drop)
Common-Mythic Scarves drop from Death and Reaper in BloodLands
Blood Dagger.png Blood Dagger This Dagger is covered in blood and has been used for many heinous deeds
  • Used to Upgrade the MA Gi from the Eve Lead Quest in Bloodlands
  • Can Combine Daggers at Marrow up to Artifact Quality (Mythic Quality has to Drop)
  • "Marrow, craft combinedagger"
Common-Mythic drop from Morticia in BloodLands

MA Gi Kimono Lead Quest BloodLands