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Hotkeys are essential for playing fast-paced action games, as they allow quick access to the game's functions. With hotkeys, adventurers can control their character's movements, activate special abilities, and switch between weapons and items without having to take their hands off the keyboard. Hotkeys help make adventuring more efficient, and they can also help players make quicker decisions in the heat of battle. Given the fast-paced action of certain facets, hotkeys can help surviving their many dangers, even for those of you near 90 years old.

There are two types of hotkey definitions: Actions and Commands.


Actions bind a keyboard key to a single programmed action. For example, pressing the "1" key may warm a Firebolt spell, while pressing the "2" key may cast Shadowstep. You can quickly follow up to cast your spell, rather than double clicking, by pressing the grave key.

ShowPaperdoll => Displays the paperdoll window.
ShowRings => Displays the rings window.
ShowBackpack => Displays the backpack window.
ShowBelt => Displays the belt window.
ShowCreatures => Displays the creature list.
ShowSpells => Displays the spells window.
ShowStats => Displays the character stats.

ToggleHistory => Toggles between displaying the history log.
ToggleGround => Toggles between displaying the ground and world.

WarmSpell(1 .. 6) => Warms the spell on the specified slot.
ShowSpellBar(1 .. 9) => Switches to the specified spell bar.

CastSpell => Casts the currently warmed spell.

Path(N, NW, NE, W, E, SW, S, SE) => Appends the specified direction to your current path.
CompletePathing => Completes your current path, either by executing to move or targeting.


Commands bind a keyboard key to a single command. For example, pressing the "p" key may execute "take 1 ring off left" - allowing you to quickly exit a battle with a recall ring. Typing out the command manually might get you killed.


ESC Closes all open dialogs, cancels any targets, paths, and input.
TAB Toggles the input between command and speech mode.

ALT + C Switches the secondary view to your portrait.
ALT + S Switches the secondary view to your backpack.
ALT + B Switches the secondary view to your belt.
ALT + L Switches the secondary view to visible creature list.
ALT + P Switches the secondary view to available spells.

ALT + H Opens the message history display.
ALT + Z Toggles between the world and the ground below.

QWE Appends the cardinal direction to the existing path.
S Executes the current path request (target or movement).


F Attacks the closest target on your hex.
K Kick the closest target on your hex.
J Jumpkick your previous target out of your melee range.
T Throw a weapon from your hands.


ALT + 1 .. 9 Cycles the spell bar to the specified page.

1 .. 6 Warms a spell from the spell bar.
` Casts the warmed spell.