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Bottles of various brews and potions are to be found throughout the dungeons. Always check the contents of any found bottles before drinking; things are not always what they appear to be. Some of the potions below will may appear in a different kind of bottle.

Unimplemented After uncorking a bottle you can get an aroma/liquid description. There is also a separate graphic for a bottle's uncorked state.




"A clear glass bottle."
"A green glass bottle."
"A clear bottle made of yellowish glass."

Glass bottles may contain the following:
  • cloudy white liquid: healing potion.
  • clear liquid: water, poison, or nitro.
  • clear dark purple liquid: wine (slows poison to every 2 rounds).
  • clear red liquid: strength.
  • intensely yellow, almost orange liquid: orc urine.


"A black ceramic bottle."
"A clear liquid with a powerful odor."

The bottles may contain naptha (Bonfire) if 'black ceramic bottle' on inspection or nitro (Concussion) if 'clear bottle with clear liquid' on inspection


"A clear glass bottle labeled 'Dr. Taylor's Snake Oil and Hair Tonic. Cures all ailments. 130 proof'."
"Inside you see a clear liquid."

Cures blindness, but stuns you at the same time.


"A pale-blue bottle streaked with white lines."
"Clear, jade colored liquid that smells of jasmine."

Restores stamina.


"A white porcelain bottle adorned with red lotus blossoms."
"Amber liquid that smells faintly of orange blossoms."

Restores mana.


Youth Potion

Youth Potion


"A reddish clay bottle with three black concentric circles painted on one side."
"Dark crimson liquid that smells of earth and mushrooms"

Permanently raises strength (up to 17).


"A black ceramic bottle with small gold whorls around its base."
"Glistening silver fluid with the faint odor of mint."

Permanently raises dexterity (up to 18).


"A porcelain bottle stamped with a golden sun."
"Golden wine perfumed with the scent of wildflowers."

Permanently raises intelligence (up to 18).


"A heavy glass bottle mounted on a gold base and set with emeralds."
"Smooth gray liquid suggestive of tart apples."

Permanently raises wisdom (up to 18).


"A porcelain bottle with small irises in raised relief around its base."
"Creamy white liquid with the strong odor of vanilla."

Permanently raises Willpower (up to 18).


"A sky blue porcelain bottle."
"A viscous silver liquid."

Permanently raises mana by 6 (if below maximum).


"A potent elixir brewed from the fiery liquid essence of dragons, rumored to grant the imbiber unmatched Magical Virility. Approach with caution, for its bold flavor and mystical properties are not for the faint-hearted"

  • Potions effects have yet to be discovered
  • Ancient talismans tell of this potion being lost to the original 4 lands and has yet to be seen for thousands of years. Extremely rare drop from random mobs in the 4 lands.
Its effects may impact the magical users wand waving abilities to cause their bodily mana to implode, causing causing instant death. Drink with Caution