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NOTE: Work in progress.

Creature Picture Type Class Move Charge NightVision Undead Notes
Kobolds melee slow
Orcs any either normal some orcs can be melee, ranged, or casters: wiz or thaum. In some lands the have nightvision
Goblins any melee / melee normal often ranged, at times melee. Some in axe: wizs.
Hobgoblins melee, caster normal
Trolls any casters are thaum normal x most are melee, some are thaums (UK). there are some in UK welding returning hammers
Minotaur melee normal x x most charge. some have NV (Oak Troll Temple)
Gargoyles melee flying * x x Oak troll temple - 2 hex move, charge, poison, only hit by blunt, NV. Other lands - no poison, NV?
Wolves melee normal
Boars melee normal
Centaurs ranged normal Leng surface centaur has +3 xbow
Bees melee flying poisonous; vampiric hide
Beetles melee nomal? poisonous; vampiric hide
Bears melee swim
Sharks melee only water leng shark drops oyster
Griffins melee flying x hang out near knight trainer, and leng griffen level
Wyverns melee normal In [UnderKingdom]] (on surface): green - normal, white - ice immunity, red - fire immunity, blue - lightning immunity
Lizards caster In axe only (?). Cast IceStorm continuously.
Salamanders melee normal In Kes and Oak. Will cast Wall of Fire Spell, sometimes attack melee
Skeletons melee normal x immune to pointy weapons except bows and silver daggers
Wights caster thaum normal x cast curse then melee
Spectre caster thaum normal - hidden x cast stun, death, then melee. can drop tiger figurine
Shadow melee* normal - hidden x x x in axe will cast dark first. In Oak, charges
Ghoul melee normal - hidden x poisons, can't see in dark
Lich caster thaum normal - hidden x x In Oak, icestorm 1st, in Leng/UK death 1st. Then melee.
NPCs - standard   any all normal, swim? x male and female, all classes except thieves. Have (semi) unique names. MAs tend to charge
NPCs - Yasnaki   any all normal x x unique to yasnaki level of UK, have unique pictures per class. MAs charge. MAs and Knights have NV.